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Why Malaria Matters
Why Malaria Matters

Even if you don’t have malaria, it can severely impact your life.

A child dies every minute from malaria

453,000 children die every year from this preventable, treatable disease. Malaria deaths are very hard on families and can destroy the potential of future generations.

It ruins education

Even if a child survives malaria, it may force them to miss important days of school. Severe cases can also result in lifelong learning difficulties. Malaria is responsible for destroying the education of too many children, even though it can be prevented.

It destroys the economy

Malaria takes people away from work, taking valuable income away from many families. In 2012, malaria cost the economy of India approximately 212 Billion Rupees in lost productivity and treatment costs.

It is completely preventable and treatable

All this damage is unnecessary and can be avoided. By learning about prevention and treatment, you can help prepare for the fight ahead. Learn about malaria prevention and malaria treatment.