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How to treat malaria
How to treat malaria

If you are showing signs of malaria, you need to seek help right away to ensure your health, and the health of those in your community.

Find a clinic… immediately!

Even if you aren’t sure of your symptoms, find a clinic or contact a local health worker immediately! It’s not worth the wait, malaria is much more dangerous if it goes untreated.

Get tested

A Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) can give you an accurate diagnosis within 15 minutes. Your clinic should have these - sometimes community health workers can even test you right in your village!

Get treated

Your local clinic or community health worker should have treatment on hand to help you feel better. In normal cases, malaria can be cured in just a few days, but your health provider knows best!

Take ALL of your treatments

Remember, if you don’t finish your treatment, you still have malaria inside of you and remain a threat to those around you. Mosquitoes will still be able to get malaria from your body and infect the next person they bite. So, even if you feel better, please think of your family and friends and finish your treatment!